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hsbcad provides flexible software solutions for the offsite construction industry. CAD/CAM/BIM products to the core, our services are tailored to support your production methods and technologies, from design to construction.

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for the offsite construction industry. hsbcad is based on an intelligent 3D building model from AutoCAD Architecture or Autodesk Revit. It combines all planning phases of prefabricated house construction in a clear and consistent manner, providing data flow without loss of information throughout the entire planning process. hsbcad - Constructing without borders.

hsbcad suite

Three unique products, seamlessly working together

From design to detail

Make your designs production-ready with hsbdesign, the most powerful detailing software in the off-site construction industry.

From detail to production

Produce, assemble and deliver your projects in the right format, right time and right place with hsbmake, our production management system.

From design to construction

Virtually monitor your projects, enabling collaboration between all stakeholders involved with hsbshare, our BIM cloud-platform.

Our solutions work for the off-site construction industry by supporting companies from drawing the first design line to placing the final construction piece.


Our products work better together

Three unique products, seamlessly working together

“Using hsbcad ensures we can develop into the future BIM Constructions.”

— Dr. Ing. JM Ducret
CEO - JPF-Ducret

CLT builder

Panelise CLT walls, floors and roofs with parametric tools, seamless automated shop drawings and manage production output. Use an industry leading solution that is adopted by CLT producers worldwide.
AutoCAD Architecture & Revit compatible

Stickframe builder

Generate stickframe walls, floors and roofs through dynamic tools, adapting your structure transparently in a 2/3D seamless environment. Shop drawings, bill of materials and managed production outputs increase your company efficiency dramatically.

AutoCAD Architecture compatible

“hsbcad enable us to efficiently create high level of detailed 3D models of some of North America’s most complex mass timber projects.”

— Lucas Epp
Engineering & 3D Manager – StructureCraft Builders Inc.

“We needed a software that could be adjusted, modified and grow as we needed it to be. That's when hsbcad came knocking”

— Tony Tersigni
Head of Design - HomeTechnology

SIP builder

Panelise Sip walls, floors and roofs with an array of parametric tools, such as splines, panel splits and stops. Managed production outputs are fully supported with seamless shop drawings.
AutoCAD Architecture compatible

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Technical Account Manager at hsbcad®

If you have a question or would like to know more about our products, I’m here to help!

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