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Improve your production efficiency and remove costs by simplifying and automating your production process. Keep process inventories efficient, better control of raw materials, reduced costs of storage and materials handling and high quality standards.

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Why hsbmake

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What hsbmake brings to your table.

Improve efficiency

Our solution allows you to schedule, route and manage production for optimal workflow effectiveness.

Have complete control

Release production jobs to your shop floor, prioritising urgent tasks first.

Monitoring & gain insight

Gain overview over your production site and generate automated reports to identify key bottlenecks.

Visualise what’s needed

Generate 3D views highlighting the relevant details per workstation, helping your team focus on what is important.

Remove human error

Quickly adapt designs without slowing down production. Never load any files manually again.

Customise to your needs

We tailor our solution to your company DNA, keeping your culture and tradition unchanged and empowering it in the process.

Milan Lambertz

Production Manager at TopHat

“hsbmake provides great control on production activities and visualises data for performance results. It’s very flexible and was adjusted by the hsbcad team to our specific requirements.”

Klaas Van De Kamp

Wijma Kampen

“With this solution we can give our partners even better advice with added value. The chance of failure during the construction is considerably lower.”

Discover hsbmake

Unique features

  • Targeted reports

    Our task specific reports helps you identify key bottlenecks and performance issues to streamline your workflow.
  • Simplified production drawings

    Every workstation has a focused view on details relevant for that specific workstation, without the clutter of details for other parts of production.
  • Shop floor overview

    The Live overview over your shop floor helps you manage your workload and identifies bottlenecks.
  • Focus on your design

    We place your 3D design in the centre of all processes, ensuring that everyone works based on the same revision.
  • Urgent projects first

    Simple change management lets you prioritise according to changing urgency, to ensure that your projects are delivered on time.

hsbmake is expert

in the offsite construction

Our products are finetuned and developed to the needs of clients in the offsite timber construction.

Our client cases

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We're currently working on new client cases

A&T Prefab

30+ Production machines 70+ Employees Specialised in prefab roof elements

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Our Product suite

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Production meets Cloud

Stay in touch with your production through hsbshare while off site for optimal collaboration and minimal disruption.

Monitoring & gain insight

Gain overview over your production site and generate automated reports to identify key bottlenecks.

Cloud meets Production

Reduce your cost of managing and maintaining your production systems with 99.99% visibility while off site

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